Friday, August 15, 2008

Hakone (8/14/08)

Ryan and I took my younger sister Pam out to dinner last night at Hakone Restaurant in the Hawaii Prince Hotel. The restaurant had a nice atmosphere and the service was excellent.

All three of us decided to go with the sushi-and-appetizer buffet option ($42), which also came with an entree and dessert. We ate sooo much food. The buffet included: salad, kim chee, takuan, tofu, and a whole bunch of other veggie type things, plus chicken karaage, chicken skewers, oden, crab legs, and some other things that I can't remember. And then of course there was the sushi and sashimi. Here's what I remember they had:

Sushi - Nigiri (ahi, ika, salmon, hokkigai [clam], ebi, amaebi [raw shrimp], red snapper), plus a variety of rolls (shrimp tempura, smoked salmon/avocado/cream cheese...)

Sashimi - Ahi, hamachi, toro, salmon, tako

For our entrees, Pam and I chose tempura, while Ryan got the wafu steak. Both were really good. The tempura had shrimp, scallop, shiitake mushroom, sweet potato, and asparagus. The wafu steak was super tender and came with a yummy dipping sauce. Very tasty stuff.

And after all that came...dessert! We had a choice of vanilla, azuki, or green tea ice cream. We all went with green tea. tea ice cream.

All in all, it was a great experience. According to the Yelp reviews, Hakone has a more extensive buffet on weekends. I bet it's day I'll have to check it out!

(I forgot to take pictures of the food until it was time for dessert. Oops...)


Shakezilla said...

Mmm Hakone... I felt so bad, I kept making the sushi dude return to his post (it was rather late in the night and people were getting done with dinner) to make me more uni nigiri. Anyway, totally gonna link to your blog on mine and subscribe as well. Keep it up!


Lianne said...

I don't remember seeing any uni when we were there, but even if there had been, I'm not sure if I would've been brave enough to try it... I tried amaebi for the first time, though, and it was surprisingly good. I think I like it better than regular ebi.

Thanks for reading!

Mike Ni said...

Whoo hoo. Our first blog post, Lianne! Exciting.